Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It's Ok, I Don't Need A Boy

After getting a confusing comment on my last post, I have changed a few of the words and it inspired me to write this.

All I've been seeing lately are videos on youtube that are all about becoming an awesome-r version of yourself. (For example: ) Don't you just hate those people who ooze confidence, from the way they look to the way they speak? Well, they've got the right idea. Especially when it comes to love, which is what this post is about.

And I get it. I get all the pain and longing for someone that most people have. I used to think I was alone within this feeling, because all I ever saw were happy couples and other single people just getting on with their lives. But as I've grown up and dealt with all I've had to, I've discovered that it's true: no one can love you, until you love yourself. And I've probably just ripped off a song. But I believe that this is true. Addition to the 'I Believe' posts!

And it is hard. But don't sit around waiting. Thst's something that hit me when I started uni 2 years ago, love is not gonna find you if you're sitting in your room. So this past semester, I have been out most nights just having a good time, not looking for love, but you never know when or where it could crop up. It could be someone I know right now, or it could be someone I've never met. I guess that's half of the fun. But one thing I've learnt in my 20 years of being on this Earth, is never try to dissect everything. Like, if a boy's been paying attention to you just see where he wants to take it, because it could just turn out he's just a good friend who's a good listener. But if he does want to take things further, then that's great and I wish you all the best for the future.

You just have to focus on being happy in your life first and love will find you. I'm in this position myself, so I'm just gonna keep slugging away and hope something changes pretty soon! I've been waiting for soon for more than a while, so I hope it comes in the near future. Isn't that how it feels? All these songs have '...soon' in them because 'soon' doesn't give a explicit time. Just know 'soon' will be the right time.

And let's face it, you've come this far on your own, who says you can't make it a few more years on your own? Although you don't want to, if that's the way the cards deal at least you know you can do it.

It is far better to be who you are, and be comfortable with who you are before you push the boat out and venture out of your comfort zone. And I know it takes a long time, but it will be worth it. Somewhere, there's a guy (or a girl) who probably doesn't even know you exist, but without you existing would be banished to a life of loneliness.
You have to become the best version of  yourself before you can see the best version of someone else.

I don't know that I'll be able to write anything in the remainder of 2011, I will try though. But because I won't be posting anything before the big day, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! And in case I don't get the chance to wish you a wonderful new year, HAVE AN EXCITING AND AWESOME NEW YEAR TOO!!!



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