Sunday, 9 December 2012


My friend gave me this topic to talk about, which I thought was really interesting. So I set my readers a challenge: to comment either on here, facebook or tweet me (@Steph_Carfrae) with your suggestions on topics I could cover. I think it could be really fun!

When I was seven years old I developed a walking disorder and at about this time a new girl moved to my school. Over the years of primary school she bullied me, because of the attention I recieved from everyone. I never knew how to explain  that I didn't want all their attention, I just got it because of the way I was. I hope she understands that now. Everyone told me it was only because she was jealous of me. Jealous of what I got for having something wrong with me. It was ridiculous!! Put yourself in my position, and see how you'd like it!!

Jealousy is never a good thing. It will only bring you down, into thinking someone else's life is so much better - but as I have said in 'Backstory's' ( ) everyone has a backstory that has made them how they are, and so don't be jealous of someone because you never know what is going on underneath. Jealousy is when people think you have a better life than them, so if you have ever been bullied although it is hard (believe me, I know) it has made you a stronger person and quite frankly, I am flattered that I was bullied. So many people must have thought that I had a better life than them! If you are going through bullying, it is very hard but please know that you will come out at the other end a stronger person. Bullies are just people who are so worthless, that they talk about other people. You've just have to believe that. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions for the next blog! Thank you for reading.

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