Thursday, 13 December 2012

I Believe

I know what you're thinking...this is  gonna be a boring list of stuff she believes in....and  you are probably right but give it a read, it might surprise  you and if you have any additional points to make and/or you disagree/agree with any of  mine please leave them in the comments below. Thanks.

So, I believe that tomorrow is a better day, OK so it may not be brighter but it can be anything we want it to be. We are in control of our lives, so just do what you wanna do. One of my friends recently left his job, and he was so much better off without it that he was smiling all the time, so no matter what it is if it feels like the right thing to do  then do it. I was overjoyed that he was so happy, he can now go home for Christmas!

I believe that I was put on this Earth to make other people smile. Hopefully, I do a good job. I am totally crazy and every once in a while will come out with a line that someone will find funny (that someone is usually me, but my laugh is infectious so if you're with me !!) I'm not amazing, nor do I claim to be, I'm just me.

Everybody goes through the phase of thinking they're not enough, for boys or for anything. Believe me, I have been here, I feel your pain! But at the end of the day, you've just got to accept yourself for who you are, how you are and believe that everything will just fit into place. It's not very easy to do, I fought with my emotions through most of my teenage years to arrive where I am today. The happy, smiley, doesn't-have-a-care-in-the-world Steph. It is tough, looking back over those years, and there is no help I can give other than to say - it does get better, you will realise your worth and it is hard not settling for less, but don't do it because one day someone will be good enough. He just might decide to take the long route instead of the shortcut.

I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Bleeeeeeeurghhhhhhhhhhhh you've heard this hundreds of times, but it's true. We all have something about us that makes us unique, and never let go of this something. Its what makes you 'you'. How boring would it be if we lived in a world of robots who all thought the same and all did the same. Surely, it's be like watching a repeat of a really crap programme until you could repeat it line for line. Boooooooooooooring.

I don't believe that everything happens for a reason, but I believe some things do. After all, one of these days you are gonna meet the right one for you and though that might be coincidence, it happened for a reason. We have a very strange, f***ed-up planet but sometimes it's all right. I guess you've just gotta find the balance.

So that is some of the stuff I believe in. I will try post soon with more (anything you'd like  to know or suggestions to write about go in the comments box below) but I am really tired right now and have a big night tomorrow night so had better get some sleep...



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