Sunday, 2 November 2014

How To: Cope With Waiting

Expecting & assuming the worst in all situations is human nature. From a young age we are not programmed to see the beneficial factors that are effective in our lives or the lesson that is waiting to be learnt. We are fearful of change because in general society's view it's a bad thing. However, little changes are happening all the time. Like the way a flower blooms, it may take its time to occur but you can be sure it will.

Waiting seems to take forever. And as in my case, if you're relying on other people who are not quick at the best of times, it really did seem to take forever! But you have to look at it with perspective, as I did. I know there are many people out there who are in a worse predicament than I am, so I held onto that nugget of truth and that kept me going. At least my senses don't fail me. I have so much, and I just think sometimes I ignore that and don't appreciate it like I should. Be appreciative of the small things, the minor changes that go on in your life as they are the things that add up to the big picture.

When the time comes for change comes you'll know. You can't rush it. Things happen in our everyday lives for a reason. You may not realise the reason right away, sometimes it can take years or even a whole lifetime unfortunately. It is frustrating to wait. But as it goes, I think waiting has actually made me a stronger person. I'm still finding out what I'm good at, as I've not had a job before and am in the process of learning my new one.

I hope you liked it & it has helped!



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