Sunday, 16 November 2014

How To: Not Blame Others (Priorities)

Everybody's different. Everyone has different priorities and though you feel yours is the most important at this space in time, no one sees life from your position. Don't blame others for thinking something else is more important to them. I have been through this. The situation called for me to keep quiet. I couldn't shut myself away in my room at the time, so I just buried my head in the sand as it were, letting this person do what they 'had to do' and answered questions when they were directed at me. It's hard and not nice to realise, but it's not about you half of the time. It's like taking cough syrup, not nice but you must swallow it to get better. It is not easy to realise and you might not want to but you must. Things go on inwardly and outwardly that can change everything. It's not something you've done wrong by that person, it's just that sometimes some priorities are bigger for some people, and the smaller issues get pushed under the rug or forgotten about. There are things that go on in this life that are greater than you. Sometimes you just need to accept that not everything is about you. Although your world revolves around you, everybody else's revolves around them too. Their barriers are different to yours. And because they are, their priorities differ to yours.

I hope this makes sense and helps someone!



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