Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 20

Ellie wiped her eyes. She was ready for the onslaught. To her surprise Jamie never did ask why she cried. On a deeper level he must have known.

'I'm so sorry El, I know your time is especially precious at the moment,' he told her. He was at perfect liberty to be with this woman, without Ellie's knowledge, it wasn't like Ellie and Jamie were a couple. It wasn't like they were close enough to share those kind of intimate details yet anyhow. 'Want to head off?' Jamie asked assumingly. Could he read Ellie's mind?

'Don't you want to be with your girlfriend?' Ellie asked. She said the word "girlfriend" spitefully but luckily Jamie didn't notice

'Oh that - total misunderstanding but she's a big girl, she'll be all right,' Jamie smiled cheekily at her. 'That's my boss...' he added before Ellie zoned out into his crystal blue eyes. They looked cold when he was talking about her. No wonder he likes working here, Ellie thought. 'You seemed very comfortable,' she couldn't help the smallness and vulnerably of her voice. His small yet atheletic body shifted uncomfortably.

'It wasn't like that,' he said as he headed towards the door.

'You can't just leave her like that!' Ellie tried to laugh at the thought of leaving her like that, but the laugh sounded like she was crying so she disguised it in a cough. Ellie hesitated and stayed where she was.

'I guess you're right,' Jamie sucked his breath in. He marched back the way he had come looking like he meant business. Ellie took a deep breath and tried to compose herself in his absence. He emerged behind her a few minutes later. 'Ready to go?' he asked from behind her. He walked at the rate she wheeled herself out of the building so they were in sync. She suddenly stopped in his tracks. He walked a few steps ahead of her before she got the words out.

'What was that all about? Ellie spluttered. Jamie stopped and turned around to face her. It was cold day and the wwind slapped Ellie around the face. In that moment Ellie felt silly for asking the question. It could be something that happened every day - Jamie was hardly unattractive and his personality just topped the bill.

'My boss just offered me a job. Thought I wanted more. I didn't,' he told her simply. She wasn't sure sure what to make of the story, but hoped he elaborate when they sat down in the bar.

*Hope you liked it. What should happen in future parts? I'm open to all suggestions. Thank you.



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