Thursday, 6 November 2014

What I Have Learnt From Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield

One single action you partake in today, either on your own or with a group, might not change the outcome of your life, but it may change someone else's. Postive forces are working in your life if you just open your mind to them. We need to reframe how we look at things. One thing Tony Robbins has taught me is that there are no failures only outcomes. That may be the greatest lesson I have ever learnt. Additionally to this, we need to learn to ask ourselves different questions. The cynical voice in our head usually succeeds in assuming the worst and being proven right because we are thinking the situation will turn out negatively. I have learnt from these two extraordinary men that it is our expectation of a situation to go wrong that is really stopping us from being who we want to be. We need to start asking ourselves positive questions. The two I have stuck on my mirror and on cue cards in the bags that I take out (to remind me) are: What Is The Opportunity In This? (Jack Canfield) and How Do I Want To Be Remebered? I might catch a glimpse of one of the cue cards at a party I go to, and I remember to take the moment for what it is, because I'm living right now, who knows what tomorrow holds in store?
I hope you liked it and could take away a plume of inspiration. If you did, I'd love to know about it. Likewise, if you have an issue you think I could help you out with don't be afraid to let me know. Anything that I can do to help I will try my best to do. Thank you for reading.



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