Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 22

Ellie leant on her hands and made a snap decision.

'Would you like to come back to mine?' It was only about 10pm but she considered that Jamie had had a bit of a tough day. He probably wouldn't like to traspe all the way back to his. 'Would you mind?' Jamie asked. He looked drained. 'I'll probably just fall asleep,' he told her as he prepared for the outside weather. Coat on, he smiled and thanked Ellie for the thousandth time in a minute. 'I just couldn't have faced going back to mine tonight y'know?' he warbled as they made their way out of the bar. He recounted the story of Kate to Ellie as they went and rode the lift up to her apartment.

'And I was like whoa...' he went on as she searched for her keys in her bag. She got them out, unlocked the door and Jamie went in and headed straight for the couch. His story hadn't finished. It was like he'd just left Ellie in the lurch. He must be so tired, she thought before she wheeled over the threshold of her own flat. She was fine not knowing the end of the story as there was only about a minute in his retelling before she had seen the situation herself. She called Kel to tell her that Jamie was staying over so when she got home she hopefully wouldn't be too loud. Ellie was fine with her loudness as she had grown used to it but Jamie's housemate, Jeff was doubtfully like Kel.

'Hey Kel, Jamie is staying over tonight,' she told the phoneline from the bathroom. She had come to do the neccessities before bed and realised that she needed to call Kel to let her know of the situation. 'Fast work!' was the response from Kel.

'Not like that! Honestly . . . he's staying on the sofa,' Ellie pushed the door a touch. There, she had a view of Jamie lying like a baby on the sofa, already fast asleep. His legs were tucked under his chin. He looked cute. 'Ok, I'll be quiet when I get back,' Ellie pulled the door to after a few seconds of watching him and jumping at Kel's voice, realising she was still on the phone. 'I'll see you later,' Kel told her snapping her out of her fantasy world and hung up.

'Ok,' Ellie said to a dead line.

*Hope you like the story so far!  What's going to happen next? You tell me! What would you like to see happen? Please let me know! Thanks.



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