Thursday, 13 November 2014

People Do Help Others

'No one notices what I do until I stop doing it'
In many cases this is true, because unfortunately it is people who kick up against something who are remembered. It is very hard to be a level-headed person in this world and be noticed. It is the bad press that gets more publicity than the good. That is very sad. There are more good people out there than the news would have you believe. Not everyone do help other people because they don't know if it is their place to interfere or assist. Often people don't think further than A to B and if they see someone struggling they think 'well, it's not my issue.' Often, it seems you have to walk this world alone. But you can be sure, someone else has faced as well. Maybe not in the same capacity as you, maybe not to the extent that you have but someone else has been in that position. Of course, not with the past history that you have dealt with and dealt with well as it has brought you this far on your journey. There are people who do understand if you only seek them out. Now I've not been through much of what the world has to throw at me, but I'm hoping that as I go through it and get through it (if I do) I can at least offer inspiration or you can try a method I've suggested perhaps? I haven't studied psychology I only did a writing course at uni, where I decided to write a self-help short novel and enjoyed writing about the things I'd been through and trying to help other people. I feel like the quote suggests about my blog. I don't think I get the credit that running this blog always deserves. But I don't see any reason to stop it. While I'm still fit, healthy and living I will continue to post because what I love doing is helping people. And I can't get my word out in much of a better way than writing this.



Thank you for reading.

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