Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Things Are Not Clear-Cut Part 21

They were now considered regulars at The RoundHead, the bar which they drank in weekly. Well, Ellie was anyway. She had turned up with the same guy nine times out of ten. 'The usual thanks Nat!' Jamie told the barmaid before returning to the table that Ellie had spotted with two brimming drinks. Jamie set them on the table before pulling a chair out of Ellie's way and pulling one out for himself. 'So how is work?' Ellie asked, hoping this would cause Jamie to divulge what had happened this evening.
'It's OK thanks, how's yours?' Jamie asked. Ellie tried to catch his eye, but seemingly he was more interested in the bottom of his glass.

'It's good thanks, though the Christmas build-up is always an intense time!' Ellie smiled and Jamie couldn't tell if it was fake or genuine. He looked up at her eyes as a genuine smile causes happiness wrinkles to form just beneath them. He wasn't sure if the laughter lines were in the same place. He assumed they must be. Her eyes were bright and it turned out she was genuinely smiling. His light blue eyes were looking troubled.

'Why?' he asked.

'Well everyone wants their book published before Christmas, so that they can have their book out beforehand, so I'm having to judge them after reading the first paragraph, and if I lose interest halfway through I just leave it, we have so many books to cover...' Ellie sighed. Jamie knew why Ellie partook in Tall's job so heavily. After all, it wasn't in her work description. Her work role originally was just to be a secretary. But she took all the book reading on because that is where she flourishes. And she hopes to run her own bookshop in the future.

He nodded, understanding. Things were always hell before Christmas, and he appreciated that. His work was intense too. Everyone wanted to get to the Speciawl Christmas Party they were throwing and he still had to sort out the speciaql guest. Kate was barking at him to get that done...Kate...oh he really didn't want to think about her. He downed his first pint. Ellie was taking her time, only halfway down her glass.

'I'll go get another one,' Jamie mumbled, stalking off. He caught Ellie off guard. She hadn't even realised he'd finished.

*Where is it going to go from here? I don't have a clue, so if you could help me out with ideas, that'd be great! Thank you for reading. Hope you're enjoying the story!



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