Thursday, 30 October 2014

Your Past Is Your Past

Your past doesn't own you. You don't live in your past anymore. You may have made mistakes in your past but they don't define who you are now. Sometimes we make mistakes/errors because that's the only way we learn. Only you truely get to decide whether past mistakes hold you back. You can only change tomorrow or the later future by the choices you make today. Mistakes are made every day and you are not the only one who makes them though when you find yourself in such situations you think you are. Take it from me, you are not alone. I cannot stress how important that affirmation is. Every step you take is progress in one way or another, even when you feel like you're going backwards. Mistakes make you a stronger person. It may be a daunting prospect: your future but there's not anything you can do to go back to or change the past. It's gone. Let past anxeties go and live for right now. Right now is the most important step you're taking. You are a different person. Even to who you were last year. Science proves that our cells change and reproduce themselves.

Let me know of any worries/concerns you have in life in general and I'll do my best to help you out! Thanks for reading! This is a post that I wrote for the Wisewolf Wendy Mason at, she has since stopped publishing my work on her site, so I'm going to keep it going on here. Hope you like it and it helps someone. 



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