Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 15

Jamie looked at the clock on the wall overlooking his desk. It was quarter to six. Usually work doesn’t tide him over, but tonight he just had to confirm an act to perform at next week’s charity gig. It should only have taken half an hour at the most – but after listening to countless answer phones, he had not been willing to leave his contact information because he really needed them to confirm today. Deciding to call Felicity, the band’s cook, on a whim that she’d be able to talk to someone, he did so and was very pleased with the results he got. The band confirmed for next week, telling him that they were in a place with barely any signal, so that was the cause of the endless phones ringing! He was elated to hear that the band was able to meet with him tomorrow to discuss their set list among other things.

Jamie put down the phone, looked at the clock and his thoughts returned to tonight. Oh dear. It was around half past when he finally left the office. He speeded home in 10 minutes, which was a personal best and he changed quickly. He slung some jeans on and a white top, making sure it had no stains on. He smiled before rushing into the bathroom to spike his hair up. The doorbell went and Sophia arrived and Jamie went about making her favourite cocktail in the kitchen. She sat down in his living room and he bought the drink through to her. She had just come from work.

The doorbell chimed Ellie’s arrival at five past seven. She was dressed in a skater dress and it complemented her perfectly. She was wearing black tights beneath the dress and looked exquisitely made up. She really had a sparkle in her eye tonight. He smiled when he greeted her at the door and let her in momentarily spellbound by her as she moved past him. ‘Hey, Sophia isn’t it? I’m Ellie,’ she very politely introduced herself and held out a hand to be shaken. Sophia very gratefully accepted her warm hand and drank some more of her drink.

Right on cue, Jamie walked in and handed Ellie a drink, which he had taken the liberty of pouring out for her. ‘It’s vodka coke,’ Jamie told her. She beamed back at him, he knew her so well. ‘Thank you,’ she said as she drank a little and then set it on the coaster beside her.

‘Where’s Jeff?’ Sophia asked suddenly.
‘He’s out of town,’ Jamie replied.
‘Shame, I’ve always liked him, no one to get over Tom better with…’ Sophia trailed off looking out of the window.
‘So, Tom –’ Ellie interrupted wanting to know more about why she’d been summoned. ‘He was my everything…’ Tears fell from Sophia’s eyes on cue and all that Ellie could do was hug her. ‘I know it’s tough…I know it’s tough,’ she kept repeating into Sophia’s auburn hair.

About an hour later, Jamie decided to refresh the drinks. He hated seeing Sophia, a work colleague from his old work go through so much pain for Tom Sinclair, an ex-boss of Jamie’s. Jamie had told Sophia right at the beginning, to get involved with Tom would not end well. Jamie has of course threatened to go round to Tom’s place and knock some sense into him, but on second thoughts had not, because of the bodyguards and people that Tom hung out with. Tom really thought he was THE man and had the security guards to prove it. Jamie placed another drink out for Sophia, only to be told she had an early start and had to be going. ‘But thanks guys! It’s been great!’

Jamie bid her farewell and turned his attention to Ellie. ‘WOW! That was…’ Ellie began to say, unable to finish the sentence. ‘Something,’ Jamie handed her the word he used when unable to find the words. ‘Indeed,’ Ellie agreed, starting to laugh. Jamie loved her little giggle.
‘She can’t go back to work in that place,’ she told him, getting serious.
‘I know, but jobs are so hard to come by these days, looks like she’ll just have to suck it up, for a while anyway,’ Jamie replied. He knew what Sophia should do, and she was a well-educated woman, but one with her own mind when it came to what she wanted to do. And she had really hit the jackpot, she had always wanted to be a manager and working under Tom had seemed like the perfect fit. Jamie just didn’t realise how far under she’d crawled, until it was too late.  

Ellie drank the drink Jamie had gotten for Sophia. ‘So, you really like her huh?’ she asked taking a sip. ‘She’s just a good friend,’ Jamie told her. Ellie nodded.
‘Ok, so why’d you keep in contact?’
‘Her brother was having a hard time finding work, and we just kept in contact because of that, and of course I knew the sleaze ball Tom,’ Jamie told her matter-of-factly. ‘Want a refill?’ Jamie asked, noticing her glass was empty.
‘Nah, I’ve probably got to go, Tall would kill me otherwise!’ she looked him in the eyes. They were both caught in the moment, not wanting it to end. ‘I’m sure she wouldn’t!’ Jamie replied playfully, stealing his eyes away. He reached for the glass and caught her hand. A bolt of energy struck him at their touch but he said nothing. He wondered if she had felt it. Her eyes were now lit up, shimmering in the light, but they must have been before and he scolded himself for not noticing. ‘So goodbye,’ she said reaching out to hug him. But he was too quick. ‘Yeah, goodbye,’ he called from the kitchen where he stayed until he heard the door shut softly behind her.

*Hope you liked it! If there's anything you'd like to see happen, let me know. What would you like to see in the next part? 



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