Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 17

It’s been three weeks since Jamie has seen Ellie.. Or Sophia. Or anyone for that matter. He basically went to his to sleep and got up the next day to go to work. He was working til late and starting early. It was a busy period with the holidays just around the corner. He had so much on his mind that he hadn’t stopped to think of Ellie or how she was doing. That’s why a text on the 1st of December really surprised him. ‘Hey, want to meet for Drinks at 8 in my local?’ she asked via text. Jamie was stumped.

He had received it at lunch time but didn’t reply until 4ish. He decided he’d been working so hard he could meet up with her tonight. He deserved to. And who knows? Tonight might be the night. He left the office at six, went home and got ready. He wore a sky blue top with jeans and gelled his hair up. He hoped she’d like it.

He got to the bar at 5 to 8. He knew what to order so her glass was sitting there when she arrived. She was dressed in a very cute skater dress in yellow. ‘Ahh, you know what I need,’ she came to the table and took a sip of her drink. ‘Thank you,’ she smiled as if apprehended for not saying thanks first. He smiled back cheekily.
‘Tall working you hard?’ he questioned.
‘No, no she’s fine. It’s just the amount of books lately!’ she laughed. ‘What about you?’ she asked, her tone slightly concerned.
‘Busy, busy times! I mean, it must be the same. The books pile up as Christmas gets closer…’
‘Don’t remind me!’
‘So what are you doing this year?’
‘Oh, just the usual you know,’ Ellie told him. ‘What about you?’
‘Well, this is the first Christmas I’m on my own,’ Jamie told Ellie.
‘Oh,’ she cooed. ‘Well, if you want there’s always an extra space at our table.’
‘Thank you, I’ll bear that in mind!’ he said courteously. He wasn’t sure whether to take up that offer. He hadn’t really thought that much about what he’d do. Two days off work. He was looking forward to sleeping in.

Ellie finished her drink and then said, ‘Well, I’ve got to get started on the pile. I take those from the bottom first so I can really look forwards to the one on top!’
‘Let’s hope the one on top’s not a dud!’ Jamie chortled.
‘It’s been really good to see you!’
‘Let’s make this a weekly deal, hmm?’
‘If you want,’
‘It’ll get me out of work!’ Jamie said.
‘Ok then, see you next week then!’ Ellie said as she turned and wheeled out of the bar. 

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