Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut part 16

The next morning Ellie awoke to a text, Good morning. Thank you so much for yesterday! It was a text from Jamie which made her smile but she wasn’t about to scream about it. She had composed herself since a few weeks ago and she no longer felt the need to declare her love for him. If he wanted her, he’d fight for her and she couldn’t do anything to make him. She resolved to that. She decided to shut herself off from running into him, then if he wanted to spend time with her she’d know. She went about making herself a packed lunch – which meant she could stay and eat it in the office – therefore shutting off running into him at the deli.

When she got to work, Tall was waiting for her. ‘So,’ she began. ‘How was last night?’
‘Uncomfortable. I hardly even knew the girl and she breaks down in front of me,’ Ellie told Tall. ‘Hmm,’ Tall walked into her office and said no more about it. It was like she had just confirmed something to herself.

It had felt weird. Impersonal. ‘It’s not long after the split, I suppose,’ Ellie said aloud to herself, trying to make sense of what happened. It had been strange. Maybe Jamie hadn’t known she would react like that. Maybe Jamie didn’t know how deep her emotions had run. Ellie had had enough of giving Jamie the benefit of the doubt.

Lunch time came around when Ellie had just finished reading a sample for Franchesca Little’s new book, Bones. It looked like it was going to turn into one of those books that’d take over the world. Ellie made a note of this to tell Tall after lunch, when her phone started ringing. It was the office phone, so Ellie answered it in a business-like manner. ‘Hi Kurplzz books, what can I do for you today?’ Ellie asked.
‘Hey Ellie, it’s Jamie, want to meet for lunch?’ He asked.
‘I would, but Tall has me drowned in paper-work! I’m sorry,’ she lied.
‘Oh no worries!’ Jamie sounded hurt and rang off. Ellie felt bad for lying to him, but he knew where to find her if he wanted her.

She got on with getting her sandwiches out of their packaging. She focused on eating and took her mind off Jamie. She had eaten her lunch and there was only 5 minutes break left, so she shut her eyes. She opened them again five seconds later to a ‘Ellie!’ And there before her, stood Jamie. His dark blonde hair kind-of bopped as he moved closer. ‘El, thank you so much for last night, I can’t tell you how much that meant, to me and Sophia!’ he told her. At that moment, the lift chimed and Tall walked through back to her office. ‘Uh-huh,’ she commented as soon as she saw Jamie, winking at Ellie. 

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