Sunday, 12 October 2014

How To: Reduce Negative Vibes In Your Life

Feeling sorry for yourself gets you nowhere. Beating yourself down by being negative about yourself is counter-productive. Whether it just to yourself or the whole wide world. It is hard to stop thinking negatively.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Well, those people who have “made it” were born like that.’

I’ve got news for you. They weren’t. They have just risen above negative vibes because they have realised they don’t need negativity in their lives. When you start to think positively, there’s no room for ‘If it goes wrong’ thoughts. You just have to believe the situation will work out how it’s meant to. Ask yourself the opposite questions if you’re assuming bad results from an endeavour. I learned from Tony Robbins that asking yourself different questions is the best way to change the results you get. These are two affirmations I learned from him.

You can change who you are by changing what you put in your mind. (Stop filling up on negativity, like a petrol station, negativity will only get you so far up the road yet with positivity you can go for many miles.)

There are no failures, only outcomes. (If you start thinking about it this way, you will find peace even when things do go wrong.)

Of course, things will still go wrong but things do not get stronger unless you will them to. Negativity is such an easy leap to make. Thinking about things positively is a harder assumption to make. But it’s worth it, because you feel so much better. We all leap to negativity because we think we don’t deserve to feel good all the time. Life gets in the way, and we have so many worries/troubles that we don’t believe we can feel good or don’t believe we should.

But we can. We should. We deserve this. You deserve this. Yes, you sitting right there. If you are reading this, no matter what the time, you do deserve to feel good.

It takes a lot to change your thoughts into a more positive frame. And it will start to change your feelings when you think more positively. And if you feel more positive that’s great news for you.

‘Think positive & positive things will happen.’

Not immediately. Things take their own time in different lives.

*I’m going to do a ‘How come it hasn’t happened to me yet’ next week so if you have any questions/wonderings or input I can use in that please comment below or go to my facebook page leaving a comment or message for me and I just might use your comment/answer your question. Of course, confidentiality will be digressed.



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