Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 19

Jamie’s blue eyes hovered over his phone. He opened the text from Ellie that he’d received at 1pm. He just hadn’t had time to catch his breath let alone read a text today. It was 6.46pm now. It was a chirpy text. She was snowed under at work but would be able to meet for a quick drink tonight if he wanted. It told him she’d come to his work to pick him up at 7.15 He held the cards. The ball was in his court. But he also knew that if he didn’t take this opportunity she probably wouldn’t be able to come out with him at all. He sat deliberating this in his office as his boss walked through the door. ‘Jamie Mann, Jamie Mann, Jamie Mann.’ His boss closed the door behind her, even though there was no one in the office. ‘You’ve done a lot this past week and don’t think I haven’t noticed.’ She looked at him. ‘I’d like to offer you a promotion to senior manager,’ she told him.
‘Thank you ma’am,’ He looked perplexed.
‘Don’t bother with that, call me Kate,’ she assured him. He smiled.
‘Thank you Kate,’ he told her, feeling like a naughty schoolboy calling his teacher by their first name. ‘Don’t pretend Jamie. I’ve seen you looking at me. I know you want me,’ she told him alluringly taking her cardigan off where underneath he could see rather big breasts bulging.  ‘Kate…’ he started but she wasn’t finished yet. She knocked everything that was on his desk clean onto the floor and lay atop it. She licked her lips. ‘Kate…’ he began, she caught his shirt and pulled him to her. She kissed his lips and tried to get his mouth open with her tongue. His mouth stayed shut. He didn’t want this. His mobile started to chime as he had set an alarm for 7.15pm to make sure he was ready. His light blue eyes suddenly swivelled to the door where Ellie stood witnessing the work affair. He broke away from Kate and chased out of the room. ‘Ellie…’ he called out, hoping she’d still be there. 
She came out of the bathroom, unable to mask her tears. She had to remember they weren't together in reality. He was entitled to kiss whoever he liked. 

*How are they going to get over this? Is their friendship ever going to be the same? You decide, as it is written for you. 



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