Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 9

His eyes caught her by surprise. She had been looking at the floor, gathering her strength when she had looked up and found him intently gazing at her. She couldn’t believe he was looking at her with such interest. Maybe I mistook him, Ellie mused returning her eyes to the floor but nevertheless beaming. She was happy and as she looked around the otherwise deserted cafĂ© it wasn’’’t hard to see why. She avoided looking up at him for a few moments more before:

‘Bet you’re disappointed. I didn’t have the same lunch break as Poppy,’ she said before she even had time to register it. ‘That’s okay,’ he replied. ‘So what book you up to?’


Ellie was unamused. He had just left it there, without saying how he was feeling or more importantly who for. She knew that she stood little chance if any with him so decided to let the matter rest. Just focus on friendship. ‘Oh, just a detective novel by E. E. Burns,’ she replied quickly, so as not to let him know what was going on inside her head. ‘Oh, I love his work!’ Jamie laughed nodding.

‘You’ve heard of him?’ Ellie was flabbergasted. She didn’t know anyone else who read E. E. Burns’ novels. ‘Yeah, I used to live with the guy, until he got all high and prestigious and we wereen’t worthy of his time anymore,’ Jamie chuckled.

‘So what was he like?’ Ellie asked, completely entranced.

‘Very ordinary. I think that’s the mistake that fans of his work make. They believe he’s doing all this cool stuff but he’s not. He’s just a regular person. He lives by himself now so he can focus on writing.’ Jamie concluded.

‘Thank you. That was . . . insightful,’ Ellie said as she stood up from their table. ‘We’ve got to get back to work!’

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