Sunday, 10 August 2014

How To: Be Brave

Sometimes you need to praise yourself because no one else will. This can and will seem funny at first, but after a while it becomes a sub-conscious occurrence which is such a good idea. With this little change, your inner critic becomes your inner encourager when you’ve done something right. It’s not that no one else will congratulate you because of you, but because what they’re facing may be big and/or they might not notice what you do. You are noticed. I know it's hard to believe when you feel invisible. You may not realise how far you’ve come but it’s a long way. So please congratulate yourself today.

Sometimes, a little confirmation goes a long way. When someone who doesn't usually get your confirmation gets it - it makes them feel good and by putting a smile on someone else's face usually you are greeted by one on your own face.

It doesn't take much to be brave. You just have to be confident in your own skin. I know confidence is hard to come by these days. You've just not to compare yourself to other people. I used to be a prisoner of this myself but I have broken out of that pretence now. It's not good for you. It's not healthy and the climate we live in nowadays they want to poison us with their deadly toxins. But don't let them. Everybody has a different story that leads them to wherever they come into your life. Celebs are admired for many different reasons and they haven't risen to the heights they have in the same way. Everybody has a different backstory that's gotten them to where they are now. I think I just told myself that I was good enough how I am and I think friends really helped carve that idea into me. I guess I'd had enough of being in the background. It felt like a natural leap for me to take if leaping is a natural step to take.
I think I have a stubbornness to not involve other people in my problems. I'd much rather face up to it or deal with them on my own. Is that really selfish? Maybe I'm stubbornly believing that no one sees the world as I do. And that's true, but I think I have to be more open that others can help. And I am working on that, though it probably will take a while.

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