Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 10

‘I could call him now, ask him to come for a drink?’ Jamie asked Ellie as they returned to the 29th floor. All that was going through Ellie’s mind was how perfect he was for her, yet had other intentions regarding their relationship. ‘If you’d like?’ Jamie muttered, unsure if he had her attention.
‘Yeah that’d be great,’ Ellie said without thinking. Then as her consciousness returned, she patted him on the arm. When he looked at her she said thanks and flashed him her Oscar-winning smile. Jamie rushed out of the lift as soon as it arrived at the 29th floor. Ellie was left wondering if something she had said had made him uncomfortable. She decided to banish this thought almost as soon as it arrived. This is a place of work, she thought, and Jamie is only doing me a favour. Granted, I didn’t ask him to but he’s here to help me out either way.  She had her mind made up that this was a platonic act, nothing more.

She had moved back to her position behind the desk where Jamie was laughing down the phone line again. Probably Poppy, Ellie thought bitterly returning her gaze to the thoughtful words of E.E. Burns.
It was about 3.30pm when she finished the book. It was a good, thoughtful piece, it really made her think. She looked up for the next book in the pile. She was surprised to find Jamie standing in front of her. ‘Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, are you free on Wednesday evening?’ Jamie asked with a hint of a smile dancing on his lips. It was only then, Ellie realised he had his mobile propped at his ear.
‘Yes I am, why?’ Ellie told him.
‘Fantastic!’ Jamie reached up for a high five that Ellie wouldn’t be able to reach. ‘Yeah, yeah, Wednesday at 7pm,’ Jamie said into the phone. Ellie nodded at him and looked longingly up at the hand he had raised for a high five. He hung up the phone once he’d gotten the response he had been waiting for. Jamie looked very pleased with himself. He noticed Ellie looking at his raised hand and he lowered it. ‘Sorry I forgot!’ he giggled. ‘We’ve got a date Wednesday night! With E. E. Burns,’ Jamie confirmed.

*Do you want me to write about Wednesday night's escapades or write about Tuesday with Jamie? Let me know. Thanks



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