Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 7

‘But you can’t…’ 
‘I can!!’  He swiftly cut her off with his cheeky retort. ‘I want to help . . . give me a break!’ He laughed. ‘Won’t your work miss you?’ Ellie tried this tactic. 
‘One or two days, they’ll cope,’ he told her matter of factly. 
Ellie didn’t have a clue what he did for a living, but was hoping to find out, especially if he preceded with this day in the way he had planned. If he was allowed. The next thing to do was to introduce him to her boss.
‘Tally, I’d like to introduce you to Jamie Schwartz, he wants to help out today, so I can have more time to read and help out,’ Ellie pursed her lips waiting for Tallulah’s reaction. 
‘Jamie huh?’ Tall eyed up the man standing in front of her. ‘Hmm, while I hope that you won’t make a habit out of this, the busy season is coming up so I do need you to get through serious numbers of books, so it is useful,’ Ellie sighed an inward sigh of relief, ‘Have you had any experience of being a secretary young man?’ Tall asked Jamie. ‘Yes, well I worked at Clarrentine, just making coffee and stuff,’ Jamie replied. 
‘Excellent! I’ll ring if I need you,’ Tall made her way into her office. Ellie followed her and spoke in a hushed voice, ‘I’m sorry he was here when I got here,’ Ellie told her. 
‘It’s fine, we can always use some eye candy up here, just don’t let it happen too often and don’t get too distracted,’ Tall laughed. Ellie was so glad Tall was in a good mood about this slight change in proceedings. Ellie settled herself down in the corner of the office and began reading. She pulled a brand new book out of her bag called How To Keep A Man and looked over at Jamie, who was relishing his new role. She sighed as she turned the pages that painted a picture of Jamie in her mind, which was the one she was seeing in real time. He really was as pretty as a picture. His blonde hair clean and spiked up, his cheekbones high and creased into a constant smile and his blue eyes bright and ready were almost too much. He was laughing on the phone on Ellie’s desk. Probably to Poppy. Ellie must remember that was the only reason he was here. 

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