Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 8

Things Are Not Clear-Cut Part 8

Ellie let her thoughts wander. She had just read the description of Melanie Harise’s perfect man who looked remarkably like Jamie Schwartz. Or maybe that was just her mind? It’s always good when you know what perfection looks like, to base it on. Melanie Harise is the character in The Lost One by J. M Barker. The basic premise for the book is the main character going through revelations and she only comes across “her perfect man” (Benjamin Diwoe) in the last chapter. Ellie finally closed the book and looked up at the clock on the wall. It was positioned on the wall directly opposite her desk, so from her unusual spot in the office she could only just make out that it was just coming up to 1.00pm.

Lunch time! To her surprise Jamie was behind her holding her coat out for her when she turned around. ‘Thank you. You’ve made quite an impression,’ she grinned up at Jamie. He chuckled.

 ‘Only offering what is necessary!’ Ellie melted at those words. She reminded herself to keep her composure. She followed Jamie to await the lift. Whilst there she took in his side profile. She saw the dimples she had admired whenever he smiled. They were even more prominent when he laughed which she had been witness to many times that morning. She made a note on her mental notepad to thank her lucky stars that this morning had happened. It was so sweet of him. He didn’t have to at all help her out. It was her lucky day when she caught that lift. She was smiling up at him but then she remembered the disappointment that will flush his face when he sees that Poppy is not on the same lunch break as them. Her smile turned into an anxious glance as he looked over at her. He gave her a puzzled expression in response and then the lift arrived. He walked into the lift. She rolled behind him and was quite relieved to find that they were the only two aboard.

His hand sneaked beneath hers after her brakes were on. That was a strange sensation for her. Because she was always active in her wheelchair (apart from sleeping etc.) she had never held anyone’s hand. It felt nice.
*Sorry I have not actually got to lunch yet. What do you want to see happen? Please let me know*



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