Sunday, 29 June 2014

How To: Keep Believing In Yourself

Train your mind away from fear, hopelessness, dread, negativity, anger and jealousy. Begin believing in a more positive light towards things, and things might not always turn out for the best but that’s life. You can’t always have the sunshine or the rainbow, it’s either or because the weather differentiates much like life and the situations we find ourselves in. I know that many people in the world wake up to sunshine every day and there’s hardly ever change. And that’s fine for them. But I like the uniqueness of England that we seem able to roll with whatever the weather’s got in store for us.

This is no easy feat. When you feel the negativity creeping back in, you’ve got to be strong. It’s like having a load of bouncers or guards. Now hopefully the guards that are in your body are the happy, optimistic ones that make you feel wonderful but in case they’re not, repetition of a positive feeling or emotion is key. It certainly helped me, when climbing the brick wall with no footholds or things to hold onto it is a foothold that appears from nowhere. It makes you feel safe as well. The one I started out with, was ‘I am enough.’ Just that got me through so much. Believing that I was enough for so long, has caused me to know that it’s a fact now and as long as I keep propelling myself down this long and windy road I will always believe it.

Another great repetition is ‘I am strong.’ I can’t remember how many times I had to tell myself this before I became convinced it was true but it was a lot. And just like that, it’s easy to say ‘I’m stronger than …’ and replace the dots with whatever might be getting me down, has got in my way or has caused me to struggle and reorder how I approach a major moment in my life. Remember, pain happens in moments not always. Now it can be ongoing, and I sympathise with those going through immeasurable ongoing pain but you can either make light of a very dark situation or just give in. The giving in part isn’t for us. No, no, no because we are stronger than that. You can picture me as talking collectively to everyone when I say that, or it’s just between you and me. I know which way I’d prefer.

Hope you like it and it helped.