Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Things Aren't Clear Cut Part 2

I've changed the name of Reality Sucks because by calling it that in a way I was implementing that it always would, if that makes sense. It's best to be positive, give things a positive name and hopefully that will reflect in your life. If that makes sense at all?

Part 2 tells us how he got into the situation in Part 1! Would you like me to write a part for her, explaining how she got there too? Or go on from the lift episode? Let me know.

Things Aren't Clear-Cut part 2

He woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside his window. He was alone. His roomate, another male, was out of town on business. So he woke up feeling very alone. He hardly knew anyone in this city, apart from his roomate Jeff. Oh, and the nice receptionist lady at Kurplzz, the very place he had a meeting that morning. He went about his usual morning routine, trying to fend off the feelings that were dragging him down. He'd woken up in an empty apartment. Yet again. He concluded, as he always did, that there must be something wrong with him. He meandered his way through four slices of toast before heading into the shower. When he was done in the shower he put on some jeans and a white top. He checked in the mirror that there were no stains on it before putting his jacket on. He swept his dark hair out of his eyes, ruffled it for the just-had-sex look and put his sunglasses atop his head. The sun wasn't shining right now, but who knew what would happen later? He'd rather have them if the weather did improve, he can't risk those blue eyes of his getting dazzled. He walked to the building, which wasn't far from his apartment. He said hello to Poppy, the receptionist who smiled at him and told him he'd be meeting with a Mr. Trezex today. They had a laugh about whether he had three french exes and concluded that if he didn't then he would with a sur-name like that.

He was told Mr Trezex's office was on the 50th floor, though he thought about taking the stairs he knew he'd be out of breath for the duration of the meeting if he did, so banished that thought almost immediately. He waited for the lift, making faces at the reflection that was a little distorted in the lift doors. Finally the lift arrived and he stepped in, realising there was no one behind him to take the same lift. He guessed his face pulling had put people off accompanying him but he'd rather that than have a lift packed to the brim. He soon was at the 50th floor - without having to stop at other people's floors - it was really quite liberating. He stepped out on the 50th floor and looked at his jacket in the lift's reflective but distorted doors before continuing to walk down the corridor he'd arrived in. He went into Mr Trezex's reception where the nice lady called Lacey told him to sit and that Mr Trezex would only be a few minutes. So he sat. Like he'd been cued by an imaginary ghost or something Mr Trezex came from his office introduced himself and walked him into his office, marked Mr Trezex.

Their meeting had proven beneficial to both parties and they both walked away smiling. Once his hand had been thoroughly shaken he walked proudly to the lift and one dinged as he came to the lift departure area. He got on board, failing to notice whether this lift was bound skywards and discovered it was. It was all right, he was sure it'd go up only a few floors before decending. It did go up only a few floors, but with the amount of people who came in, he got lodged somewhere at the back and with no way of reaching the lift keypad to tell it ro go down, he was stuck going up and down the lifts until the other passengers had gotten to where they wanted to go.

Hope you liked it.



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