Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Basketball Game

These pieces of original writing that I put up are not going to follow in a sequence or be about the same things and/or characters. I hope this is ok.

I wrote this piece with no prior information on basketball games (I probably should have researched) other than watching High School Musical! The piece is written about the preparation before a game...I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Jason paced up and down. The time was nearing. The time that could either make or break him. He wrung his hands in anticipation as he pictured what he had to do. His opponents were fierce; he knew he didn’t really stand a chance but he didn’t care. The men on the other team were 6 foot whatevers and he was a measly 5 ft 2. But he was fast. ‘Focus on the thing that makes you great, not the rest of the world. Focus on what you need to do to become number one.’ As Jason recited the words his father had said to him when he was fourteen in murmurs, the coach appeared at his side. ‘You know what you’re doing, we’re all counting on you Jase.’ This added pressure was one that outJason could do without, giving that his nerves were already breaking him to pieces. Then a wave of confidence struck him. ‘Yes I can do this. I am strong, quick and agile.’ He muttered to himself in the silence that surrounded him in the dressing room. The rest of the team were already out there, eager to get the game underway, but not Jason.. It was the make or break game of the season. It was the one where they’d either make it to a league or always be playing rather amateurish basketball. Not that his team were amateurish. John Sparks Keegan (called Sparks for short) was very tall and muscular, you would not want to meet him in a dark street even if you’re not intoxicated. Ben Macinrow has the menancing look about him but is as soft as a daisy. He is really good when Jason needs some reassurance that he is great; he can always rely on Macinrow. Kieren Meerman (the meercat) is a lanky figure who is always getting his nose broken or teeth knocked out.Then there’s Daniel Stevenson who’s a proper posh lad who went to Eaton. He’s tall and muscular but not an aggressive animal at all. Then there’s Steve Kirr (the firestorm) who’s tall, muscular and is a real man’s man. Then there’s Henry Boycott who’s a relatively chubby man. He’s built like a brickhouse though, and so he’s great for defence. Then there’s Malcom Fisher who is the talker. He can make a girl blush just by looking in their direction for a second, and he’s pretty fast. Not as fast as Jason though, and Jason needs to remember that. He is on the team for a purpose and there is no reason why he can’t prove it. Jason liked to reflect quietly, to get to terms with believing in himself before he faced any game. Jason looked at the clock. Two minutes until show-time Henry popped his fat head round the changing room doors to tell Jason it was show-time. ‘Let’s get this thing started then.’ Jason said, hauling himself from the benches and following Henry.

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