Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Reality Sucks: Part 1 Opinions

His mind was alert. He couldn't believe his eyes. He'd been riding the lift all the way to the top of the building when he's needed to get out at the ground floor but he had been at the back of a crammed lift and was too polite to push his way through the multiple bodies that were in the lift at the time. The doors had opened at the 47th floor and there she was. Wearing a short dress that curved in all the right places for her, she wheeled into the lift. Eyes turned to her the moment she put her brakes on quickly and efficently. She had a pretty face but she knew why people's eyes were on her. She'd learnt to dismiss the way people would stare or let their looks of pity rain on her. She would merely smile back and maybe they'd wonder how she could. She wasn't really concerned what was on people's minds after she'd smiled at them. She'd built up a barrier against worrying about that kind of thing. She couldn't worry about it. What had happened happened and she couldn't reverse that. People thought what they thought and there wasn't anything she could say that would change that. If their initial reaction wasn't positive, she knew that however long she spent with them wouldn't change their mind. It was sad, but that was the way life was.

She sighed. The lift had stopped on 9 more floors before reaching the ground, and though she had smiled at each one of the lift callers they had all gawped back at her. Maybe she was making herself conspicuous, but she didn't regret trying to spread some cheer into those boring office clerk types. Couldn't they see that there was more to her than how she was presented? But judgements were made in a blink of an eye unfortunately, and she was pushed from their thoughts almost instantly. Until the time she departed anyway. Everybody noticed. And if they felt sorry for her those looks would cross their faces again. She was so used to it she barely noticed anymore. So when they reached the ground floor, she got out effortlessly it seemed, turning back only to smile as the doors closed behind her. There was a guy of roughly her age looking back at her when she turned back around. She eyed up the lobby and wondered why he wasn't just going about his business. "It affects people in different ways," she thought. He was good looking but she didn't want to fall under his spell as in the past men had done this to her and then not been there to pick up the pieces.

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