Sunday, 22 June 2014

How To: Stop Your Mind Messing With You

Remember your mind plays games. It can make situations seem a lot worse than they actually are. And make you feel you’re not ready. It will do this by constantly bombarding you with negative comments.
Newsflash when you find yourself in situations like these you are ready. You are more prepared than you know. You are much stronger than you give yourself for. How far how you come to get here?

Your mind is a very critical object. It can make you feel weak. "Your body can withstand just about anything, it’s your mind you need to convince."

Our minds are dark places. They will convince you something will turn out badly. You have to interrupt your mind on these occasions. Please recognise the words your mind is using at these times. And correct them if they’re definite. You don’t know what will happen until it does. Don’t believe the worries you mind creates.

Bad things happen in life, granted. That is the way of the world. But if you keep believing that things will get better, a crisis won’t seem so bad. That’s really easy to say, and not put into effect but if you do, it will get easier to manage. I don’t know what goes on in your life, or what crisis may occur next in your life but I know that holding on and not talking to others either because you don’t want to, you don’t think anyone will understand or you feel you can’t for whatever reason can feel suffocating and make you feel like you’re in a trap. People will surprise you. They may be more understanding than you think.

Our minds work in the same way. Until you believe in yourself your mind will keep dragging you backwards. The only way to move through this life is forwards, so if you’re letting your mind control you you’re only going in a negative direction. Let’s make it positive.
Your mind will tell you that you’re not good enough to do whatever you’re doing this is when you need to interrupt the thought because YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Yes, several things may need a few trials and attempts but you will get there when you believe that you are worth it. Because you, yes you, are.

Positive pre-position is all it takes. Believing that something will work out, I think we've gotten too hard on ourselves nowadays - with the press we think badly of mostly everything if it doesn't turn out to be perfect - and that's just the thing - nothing is perfect - we just have to work with what we've got - which is far from perfection (as I'm sure many of you are aware). We need to stop beating ourselves up because the pinnacle of perfection is unreAchable and just accept who you are. Believe in yourself and you might just change the world.

Thank you for reading. Hope this has helped. =)



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