Sunday, 15 June 2014

How To Believe In You When Everything Else Is Messy

Problems are personalised. That's why you can be like nobody else. We don't react in the same way, and trying to be like someone else can have bad consequences for us. What if we grow into someone we're not and deprive the world of our light? It may be dim but every star has its moment to shine. We all need to shine our own beautiful ray of light. It's different to everyone else's, you may not think it and you may not see it as being different but it is. I promise you that. We are all different for good reason, and every once in a while someone new will come into your circle and together you might just make the aurora. Be your beautiful self. If we were someone else, their spark might light us up but it won't last for long. If you are just you, your glow will shine.

Wanting everything now is a huge problem with out generation. Life takes time. Like a flower you plant, it may take months to fully bloom but it gets there. Life is all about patience. Think of how much you have grown whilst you're waiting. If you had it now; you're less likely to appreciate it. But if it takes time and effort you will be more appreciative, not to mention better equipped when it does. So don't let go just because it isn't happening this very instant. Good things take time. Beautiful things take time to bloom and plenty of rain, so just because you are going through a hardship right now doesn't mean it won't get better. Have faith, believe in yourself and your dreams. You may have to move boulders and many different obstacles to get there, but when you do you will feel you deserve it. Because you do.

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