Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 3

'Good morning Ellie!' her enthusiastic roommate, Kelly said soon after her alarm had sounded. 'Morning Kel!' Ellie returned her best friend's enthusiasm. The day set out and she was immediately lifted into a good mood. This was going to be a good day. She ate her honey on toast relatively quickly to have time to hop in the shower. Kel didn't bat an eyelid just set it up for her as was routine. Moving the wet wheelchair into the doorway had become natural to her now. She took about fifteen minutes in the shower and another fifteen drying. Her hair was still damp as she got dressed. When she was in her clothes for the day she dried her hair. 'Bye,' she yelled as she heard the door open. She knew Kel left for her seceratary job about now. 'Cya honey,' Kel replied before rushing out of the door. The door shut and locked - Kel was really security concious even though she knew that Ellie would be leaving ten minutes later. Ellie applied her make up next. It didn't take long to make her look good. She got her keys out to unlock the door to let herself out and locked it again. She understood her friend's worry about locking up and why she had to do it even when Ellie was still in there, emerging only a little after she had left. Ellie made her way to the Kurplzz building. She only lived five minutes away from the building so she was there for nine o'clock. 'Miss Benett is waiting for you El,' Poppy said as soon as she went past reception. 'Thank you,' Ellie looked up at her. Poppy was always looking good. She just had that gene. Just one look at her, Ellie could feel herself sinking into the background. Poppy stood out. Probably why she knew everyone. And she was amiable too, so friendly you couldn't help but be friends with her. She had platinum blonde hair, a perfect smile and a good figure. If Ellie wasn't in a wheelchair, she hoped she would have been like Poppy. 'You'd better hurry up,' Molly told her, snapping Ellie back to reality.

'Oh yes,' Ellie wheeled towards the lift. It was incoming, so it didn't take long until she was aboard one. She got in and people came in beside her and gawped at her. Not too obviously but the awe was there all the same. She just smiled at all in the lift and concentrated on the floor she had to get to. The 47th floor was where Miss Benett's office was. The lift arrived at the 47th floor and she got out to ffind Miss Benett standing outside. 'I'm sorry Tall,' Ellie remarked, seeing the impatient look on Tallulah Benett's face. She was Miss Benett's secretary and although it was a work enviroment Tallulah never let her call her Miss Benett. She didn't like her sur-name; it was far too common. Tallulah is in charge of the book franchise of Kurplzz. It wasn't Ellie's job to help Tallulah with reading or writing but Ellie took it upon herself to help out as much as she could. Maybe it was over-stepping the line but she didn't mind. 'Have you finished the book 'Fascination' yet?' Tall asked Ellie, walking back to her office. 'No, I'm on the last chapter, but it's really good so far!' Ellie exclaimed.

'Oh, it only just begins at the last chapter!' Tall told her. Ellie stopped and stuck her fingers in her ears. 'I don't want to know!' Ellie stuck out her tongue. 'Ok, Ok,' Tallulah sighed. 'Do I have a meeting today?'

'Yes you do, you're meeting the guy who wrote 'My Princess' at twelve,' Ellie confirmed. 'Pretty slushy title, pretty soppy book, basically him apologising and saying "I'll find my princess one day, but it's not you,"' Ellie remembered the by-line from that awful romantic novel which was more like an autobiography than anything else. 'Oh,' was all Tall had to say on the topic.

A few hours later, Ellie made sure Tall was clued up with every detail of the book, made sure she knew the right questions to ask and called the lift to go and get some lunch. She smiled at everyone in the lift, as always. She could feel eyes burning in the back of her head but chose to ignore it. It wasn't like she wasn't used to being stared at. She got out her little handheld mirror to check her make up. No splodges or clumps of mascara. So why was this guy at the back of the lift still staring? She looked at him through her mirror, which made the light reflect and dance crazily in the lift. He was really cute. If she had the chance she'd talk to him when she got out, considering he was going to the ground as well. The doors opened at ground level and she wheeled out first. He shuffled his way out a few seconds later...

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