Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Things Are Not Clear-Cut Part 4

The meeting! Hope you guys like it,

'Hi,' Jamie burst. 'I'm Jamie!' he introduced himself.'You are incredibly pretty,' he stopped himself before he said something stupid. He didn't want to appear pompous. Well, this is a new one, Ellie thought. She was glad it wasn't someone coming up to say the brass thing, "What's wrong with you?" She smiled at him. 'Thank you, I'm Ellie' she said tentatively, fearing the interrogation to come next. That "incredibly pretty" comment was probably to soften her up. Jamie was pretty bad at this and didn't have a clue what to say next. So he tried the joke that Poppy had laughed at. 'I was seeing Mr Trezex earlier, he must have 3 French exes!' He told her, it wasn't the most original joke in the world, in fact he was sure she'd heard it before. She gave a polite little titter. 'Poppy liked that one too!' Jamie said, relieved that it had made her giggle. She had the most gorgeous, infectious little chuckle that Jamie had ever heard. Oh Ok, so he's one of Poppy's fans, she told herself. So why is he so intent on getting my attention? she asked herself. He must have seen me talking to her this morning, maybe he thinks I'm in her inner circle, she wondered. She had only been out with Poppy once before, but she would be as much help as she could. She didn't even have to ask for any more information before he provided it.

'Poppy is the only person I know here,' he said like it was a big secret.

'Have you been out with her?' Ellie asked. The lights were playing prettily in her eyes and Jamie looked mesmerized for a moment or two before replying. 'Not yet, I only just moved here, I don't know a lot of people,' he told her, lowering his voice.

'Well, you've got yourself another friend,' Ellie smiled. 'Now, if you stay here, I can see if I can sort something out!' Ellie wheeled off leaving him in her dust. What did that mean? Jamie wondered. He let it go, he can't read girls' minds! A few minutes later, Ellie came back her eyes bright and wide with excitment. 'You have a date for Friday night!' He gasped. She thinks I have a crush on Poppy, he thought. 'Will you be there?' he asked, his jaw dropping from disbelief. Didn't she know how jaw-droppingly gorgeous she was? he wondered. 'I wouldn't have thought so,' she said, watching the excitement fade from his eyes. 'Ok, I can be there, if you want,' after all she knew where it was taking place, at The Firecracker which was about nine minutes away from where they stood. 'That'd make me feel a lot better,' he told her. If she thinks that, maybe that's better for me, he thought. Then he could get to know her, without worrying her to look her best.

'So it's at the Firecracker which is about 5 minutes from this building at 7.30 this Friday,' she recounted. 'Ok,' Jamie said. Ellie hoped that by showing her moral support for Jamie meant she could leave after the first drink or first few because she had a lot of reading lined up for this weekend.

I'll go straight to Friday night in the next post, but what do you want to happen? Let mew know!



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