Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Things Are Not Clear-Cut Part 5

Ellie wasn't too excited when Friday work had ended. She left the building after confirming that Poppy wouldn't stand poor Jamie up. Jamie had been in every day after the date confirmation to check in with Ellie.

'What kinds of flowers does she like?'

'What should I wear?'

'What time is it again?'

These were just a few of the questions he'd asked Ellie in her office, on her lunch break or as she packed up for the day. Ellie thought it weird that he asked for the time again, as surely it'd be cemented in his brain by now. But boys will be boys so she didn't spend too much time pondering over that one. It was Thursday after work the final question had been brought to her attention. Friday he did not come in at all. Ellie wasn't looking forward to the night, and would only stay for one or two drinks before sneaking off to get home and read some more. She had to make herself presentable but was rather humble with her make up as she wasn't the one who had to stand out.

She put on her favourite going-out dress and called Kelly to check how she looked. She could see in the mirror and thought she looked Ok but Kel had the outsider's perspective. 'Adorable,' was all that Kel told her. 'That man won't know where to look!' Ellie grinned. It was so sweet of Kel to say that. But he was hooked on Poppy and she looked nothing like the platinum blonde, able to walk, well postured girl that Poppy was. And Poppy was funny. Ellie had nothing on her really. She left her flat at quarter to eight, knowing it'd only take her 5 minutes to get to the place, but wanted to be there for their introduction. She worked with Poppy and had seen Jamie on a regular basis since she'd asked Poppy out on his behalf. She rolled into the bar, and was surprised to see that Jamie was already there. 'Ha, I knew one of you would show up early!' Jamie joked as soon as he saw her.

'You know it's a lady's prerogative to be 10 minutes late, don't you?' Ellie told him cautiously. 'Ah, ok,' Jamie muttered and then left his seat to get 2 drinks while they were waiting. They'd already discussed the drinks they would be having earlier in the week. He returned quickly and set down a Malibu and Lime in front of Ellie. He just had a beer. 'So how are you Ellie?'

'I'm good thank you, what about you?'

'I'm Ok thanks. I've been having a few since I've been here,' he pointed down at the full glass and laughed. 'How long have you been here?' Ellie asked, slightly alarmed.

'Since seven,' he replied.

'How many have you had?'

'Like two,' Ellie let an inward sigh of relief calm her. He wasn't drunk. She looked up at him. Those cute dimples could do it for anyone. She looked at his gorgeous blue eyes. She could lose herself in them. What was she thinking? This wasn't her date! Besides she didn't know if it was the drink speaking for her, which it could well be. She'd closed her heart off for such a long time but could this be ... Her thoughts were interrupted as Jamie stood up. She looked to the entrance and Poppy had just walked in. She came over to their table and said she guessed they'd started without her, looking at Ellie's empty glass and Jamie's half-drunk one. 'Sorry we both got here early!' Jamie laughed and Poppy rewarded him with a little kiss on the cheek. Her red lipstick left traces of where it had been on his cheek. 'Shall we go to the bar, get you joined in?' Jamie smiled. Poppy nodded so they wandered away, leaving Ellie to watch Jamie's drink.

At the bar Jamie confided in Poppy. 'I like Ellie. I mean, I really really like Ellie.'

'You have to get to know her, be friends before, she doesn't open up to very many people,' Poppy replied. 'So you got me here on a ploy?' Poppy laughed loudly as they made their way back to the table. Jamie was carrying a beer for himself and another Malibu and Lime for Ellie. Poppy was having a vodka and coke. He set it before Ellie and laughed with Poppy. Whatever had been said must have been funny, but Ellie couldn't help wondering if Poppy's laugh was more mechanical than true. 'I'm more than likely to head once I've had this one,' Ellie made up her mind and said. It was like the other two didn't hear her though. Their eyes were locked and there was a romantic spark there. Ellie downed her drink as quickly as she could and left. She couldn't believe she was having feelings for a co-workers new boyfriend (as he would surely become), feelings that for so long she'd denied herself from having. But she couldn't help it. Maybe love's arm really had reached out to her this time? She was being ridiculous. She knew that much.

Yet when she got into her flat, she broke down in tears. She'd only known him since Monday!
I hope you like it! Let me know what you want to happen for the next part,



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