Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Things Are Not Clear-Cut Part 6

The following Monday Ellie got up bright and early. For once she was up before Kelly and it was up to her to wake Kel up. Kel slept through her alarm this particular morning. 'Morning Kel,' she said as loudly and enthusiastically as she could.

Ellie had had a long think over the weekend. About the boy she'd let steal her heart when she knew he didn't even want it. Like burglars just break in and take anything, she'd pinned Jamie down as one of those. They don't care who they are stealing from, they just take it seemingly if they can make money out of it. Ellie doesn't know why he took her heart though, because he'd be lucky to get 1p for it. Between reading she had thought of him, probably with Poppy right now. She would sigh, turn the page and get back to her reading. She was reading a story about heartbreak which didn't make it easy to forget about Jamie. The book was characterised with a girl called Kirsten who was very much close on giving up on love all together. There were parts from her own diary in the book, and Ellie was appreciating reading it. She was thankful that Tallulah had passed this one along to her because she needed it right now. It's funny how things fall like that, isn't it?

It's his loss, that's what I always think. If a guy doesn't see me in that way, it's his loss and maybe when we get to know each other further he'll change his mind, but I'm not about to lose sleep over it. 

That is a good way of thinking about things, Ellie thought. Maybe his mind will change, but for now just focus on being his friend. She wondered how the date went and hoped to see Jamie's face again but now he'd got what he wanted it was doubtful. So when she turned up at the office that Monday she was surprised to see Jamie sitting at her desk waiting for her. 'What are you -' she stuttered as he stood up at her approach. He moved his chair and set it down behind him. 'I'm here to help - so you can get on with reading!' he stated. He looked fine today. He really did. His blonde hair was spiked up and his blue eyes were bright. He was clean shaven and looking good. He looked at Ellie straight in the face. 'Wow. Thank you. You know I can't pay you,' she told him.
'Oh I know. I just want to help out - for a day or two...' Jamie's voice trailed away as the lift opened and  Tallulah emerged from it.

This unexpected circumstance had floored Ellie. She didn't know what to think. Jamie wanted to work with her? Why not Poppy? She might have to re-evaluate Jamie now. But he probably wanted to spend his lunch hour with Poppy so Ellie didn't get too lost in her thoughts. Then it struck her. Poppy doesn't have the same lunch break as me today. Poppy's lunch break was 12 - 1 and Ellie's was 1 - 2. She figured that Jamie just hadn't worked this out yet. Bless him.

Thank you for reading! What do you want to happen next? What is going to happen when Tallulah is introduced to her co-secretary?



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