Wednesday, 30 April 2014

FanGirl' By Rainbow Rowell

Publisher – Macmillian
Cath and Wren are twins. I can sympathise with both sisters as I have been to both ends of the spectrum. I used to be the girl who’d stay in every night – getting my work done – I actually took a very similar course to Cath’s at uni – but I’ve been to Wren’s side too – luckily never ended up in hospital – but I was the party girl in my at university.

t is like reading two books in one. You often get so caught up in Simon Snow’s world that you forget it’s about Cath. I used to write fanfiction – not as intensely – but I know how easy it is to lose yourself in a world of make-believe. I guess it’s escapism. And there are far worse things you could lose yourself in. I liked her character and understood her – because for the first semester at university I didn’t go out. I did used to socialise with the people who also stayed in halls at the time – but now I’m the party girl whenever I go back!

I like Levi. I like that he encourages her. He doesn’t pressure her into anything. She pressurizes herself. I admire that. Someone with real determination to finish the project she’s had her heart set on for two years. I think it’s really important, the last lesson she learns in this book.

I love the way she grows throughout this book. From timid can’t-do-anything-without-my-twin-sister to actually, I’m awesome, me. It takes Cath by surprise, how highly people rate her and I think that’s good. Unlike Cath, not many people have fans all over the world, turning over every fanfic she writes, but I think there’s a deeper lesson we can learn from her.

From the first word, it reminded me of the first days I was at university. Her insecurities about writing – were and are very much my own. I feel for her. The life traumas she suffers are believable and mostly preventable and I get where she’s coming from.

Her relationship with her mother is rightly on knife-edge.

Levi is there for her when she needs him, and I’ve never known what that feels like, but it must be lovely to have that support and someone fighting your corner.


I read a review on this book and picked it up soon after, and I was so glad I did. It conjured up some good memories and was such a good story of growth. You really get to know and understand her character and sympathise with her. Definitely worth a read!



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