Sunday, 6 April 2014

How To Believe In Yourself

We’re all worried that we’ll never be able to bring anything new or leave our mark on the world. But you’re uniqueness means no one can do what you do – they might do similar but they cannot do the same. Always remember that. It might seem a little scary – that you have something that no one else has – but it’s what makes you spectacular. No one can be you, no one can feel what you feel – even if you articulate it there’s no saying anyone will understand and/or there can be no words to describe it. And that’s ok. It can be frustrating. So very frustrating. But it’s not fair to take aggression verbally or physically out on other people, especially if you don’t tell anybody how you’re feeling. I hope I encourage communication.

You are already leaving your mark on this world. I know you think if I disappear now no one will notice or even care. Never believe that. I’ve been there. It’s not good for you to think like that. It’s not good for your self-esteem. It’s not good for your health. Because believe me, the way you think about yourself effects everything, down to the way your skin behaves. If you are positive in the face of dilemmas, problems will lessen (not right away) and seem much smaller in the scheme of things. The thing that got me through was thinking that somebody was bound to be lonely if I ended my life. And I couldn’t bear that. The thought of just one lonely heart made me step away from a knife. That’s the truth.

We all think that just because we’re breathing we’re not changing anything. Even I am guilty of that. But we are. We control what happens to us and so we are writing the next chapter of our story. It’s an ongoing process. It never stops. We are always changing the world. You are changing your world all the time. Every moment you breathe. Just because it’s not a big scale or we can’t see how we are doing it doesn’t mean we aren’t changing it. You can’t see it from within. And because we’re in this world right now, we don’t see it changing or how we are changing it but we are. I promise you.

Recite some affirmations for yourself. Like these: I am beautiful, I do have enough strength, I am powerful etc.. That's what I did. While reading The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield. That book really helped me grow into who I am  today! One rule with affirmations though:  they’ve got to be positive. You can make up whatever you choose but they can’t be self-pitying, self-doubting or negative about yourself. These are something for you to remember so try to turn a seemingly hopeless case  into a powerful, this-is-not-going-to-stop-me one. You have power only over your life, you can’t control other people so let them do what they have to do, and often it is a case of mind over matter. I know it sounds simple, and like so many things it sounds easy when put on paper, but it’s much harder to perform or carry out. If you think ‘Oh no, I’ll never get through this,’ then you won’t. You’ll be stuck in that rut forever. But if you ease up, start believing that maybe  there’s a way through you will succeed in getting past that hurdle.
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