Sunday, 13 April 2014

How To: Feel Better About Yourself (girls)

Get dressed up for no reason. It’ll make you feel great. That surely gives you more reason to do it than not? Especially if you are on your own for long periods of time, it can make you feel better. This is what the world is missing. While you’re at home looking and feeling magnificent, the world is missing your aura, which is so high in the clouds you can’t even see it anymore. So go on, dress up, put that red lipstick on because you can. My friends and I often have discussions about how when you put red lipstick on you feel much more confident. We suspect it contains a feel-good drug or adrenelin of some kind. Your life is yours and though others may question your actions they have no right to look down upon them because at the end of the day it’s your choice to do whatever you do.

It’s your happiness that counts. I do this regularly. I don’t need to but I want to. I just think why not? This life has blessed given me a new day so I may as well respect it and look and feel as amazing as I can. Some days you’ll get up and can’t be bothered, and that’s fine, as long as you do it sometimes. You don’t need to feel stupid. I know sometimes it does make me feel vain when I look in the mirror to apply my red lipstick. But soon I forget about it as I start applying the lipstick. I focus on looking good. For myself, if no one else. Sometimes you won’t want to put on make up and that is absolutely fine. Just be fresh-faced beautiful you. Pleasing yourself is more important than pleasing anyone else. Everyone else is of secondary importance when it comes to how you feel about yourself. It is important you view yourself well. Others might call you all the names under the sun, but as long as you respect yourself that is all that matters. It’s hard to keep going, especially when people do call you names but you just need to know that they’re only jealous of you or a particular quality you possess.

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