Sunday, 27 April 2014

How To: Find A Light In The Dark

“If you can’t find a light in the darkness, then be one.”

I can’t remember whose quote that is but I remember reading it. And it is so true. It will empower those around you, maybe not straight away, maybe after years. It can come as a relief to some, who have been plundering in the dark for so long, and perhaps some people won’t realise that you’re the one whose light is shining until something catastrophic happens to you but that is the way of life. When people didn’t hear from me, because I was in hospital they worried about me. My family came to see me in hospital and had me feeling better for the time they were there but it did take me reliving the memory of meeting one of my all-time crushes (T) to light my way out of that tunnel!

So in that way I found a light for myself. It was distant. But as I enveloped myself into re-living that particular memory I pulled the light closer and soon I was all right again.

If you want to be a light, reach out and realise that you are not alone. For every devastated experience you have had, I can tell you that there is someone out there who has gone through similar and/or worse. You don’t have to be a scientist to discover that everyone’s different but everyone is special and unique. No one has all the answers. There are pieces of this life to unfold all the time. Take your time, and in hard situations try to smile. It will put others at ease and possibly even cause them to crack a smile. It was said when I was at university  that I could make a whole room happy just by laughing.

That’s right, my laugh is that loud! And I’m not ashamed of it. Even though now I get frowned at and ‘that’s not the way ladies behave,’ if I think something’s funny I will laugh. And I don’t care if the whole world hears me. I’m a secure person.

Realising that other people go through and suffer like you have is key to being a light. Knowing that you are not alone on the cold, dark nights is so incredibly important. Once you realise this, that you can help other people just by being you, there is no greater gift. Everyone goes through life, everyone is not Ok 100% of the time; no one could be or ever should be. Life is not fair sometimes but the most important thing, the things that defines your life, is how you deal with it.

And just keep on smiling, because there's no reason not to. And when you're happy, it catches on. So go ahead, you'll make other people happy just by being you. Again, it's not a thing that will happen overnight, it will take time. But just take that first step today. Be you. There's n one else you were meant to be.

Hope you liked it and it helped,




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