Sunday, 26 January 2014

How To: Wait And Not Give Up

Who’s standards are you living up to? If you’re trying for perfection please stop. You’re never going to reach it. What is perfection anyway? I’m sure it’s different to everyone. No one has the perfect circumstance for anything. We are all struggling, and I think we forget that sometimes. Even if it looks perfect from the outset; chances are it’s not underneath all the paperwork. Emotions might be running high, anger may seep out or mistakes have been made, to state just a few of the countless possibilities. Even anything that looks perfect is riddled with problems. Remember what you see on the surface is only the picture presented publicly. It may all be working out great for the people involved, yet often it is just a smoke screen you never get to see behind.

You may go through a stretch of calm in your life. But like a stretch it may not last long whereas on the other hand it could go on for years. Don’t get too comfortable though, by all means have fun and enjoy yourself but remember that life hurts everybody. Just appreciate the stretch of calm for what it is, however long it lasts. Things can change quickly, and they may never be the same again. A quote that makes me smile whenever I see it is: Smile: you’ll never get this moment again.

For instance, I had a good seven year run without any health issues, and the problem has flared up again this year during my last weeks at university which wasn’t great. But I am so thankful that my health had behaved for so long before that. Ok it wasn’t brilliant for it to flare up again, but I am lucky it hadn’t been a problem for all those years.

I know what it’s like to wait for something when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong. I just did what I had to every day to live and keep my spirits up. It didn’t ever feel hopeless, though some days I didn’t want to wake up and I’ll admit it, could see no purpose in my life and wanted to die. But I kept strong and do you know why? Because of all my friends, just imagining they might have nowhere to turn when something went wrong in their life where they would normally turn to me. And after I started doing these How To Sundays I thought ‘Well, that’d just undermine everything I’m telling other people and hopefully am helping them to overcome.’ So I owe a thank you to my readers, without you I could have easily given up in these past few weeks.

I*f you have a suggestion for a How-To I could write, please email me at . Thanks. I want to help people, and if I can’t relate to it on a personal basis, I will try my best to research and find something positive about the situation. I ove writing these, knowing that something I say might help or inspire someone. Hopefully anyway!

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