Sunday, 12 January 2014

How To: Accept Yourself And Everything Else!

Nothing is going to change, unless you do. You need to accept that. I am currently stuck in my home, but I know this is only a temporary expenditure of my time, and soon I will be out, and I tell you, the world better be ready! I am thinking I may need to get lessons in social circumstances again, but I was told at a party recently that I still seemed pretty able to be social!

You need to let go of past mistakes and the past in general. It’s happened – there’s nothing you can do to change it – and why would you want to? It’s made you into this beautiful, strong person you are today. Don’t blame the past – because yes horrific things may have happened – but if you keep looking back you’ll miss out on where you are now. And ‘if only’ and ‘would have’, ‘should have’ or ‘could have’s are a waste of your energy that could potentially be spent making sure you don’t have any more ‘if only’s. So don’t waste anymore of your time in the past, you are here now and it’s the future you have control of. All your flaws – and we all have them – can’t be changed, can only made stronger by you getting to know how to use and control them to your advantage.

Let me take you back to the mirror. You know you can’t change your outward appearance (unless you’re super-rich) so all you can do is emphasis the best bits of your face whether that’s your smile or your eyes.  Try to make them the focus. The first thing people will see and remember you for! I went through a phase of Marilyn Monroe red lips that I have calmed down now, but at the time I made my lips the remembering feature on my face. Now I’m going back to my eyes.

I’m now ready to wipe away everything that happened in the past. I’m finally ready to accept that nothing happened in past relationships and it was mostly my fault every time. I know what I have done wrong in the past and am going to try my best to not repeat them. Past mistakes are only good if you can grow from them. That’s all they should be on your mind for. The past has been and gone, it’s only the future you have control over. Don’t waste it by looking back. You’re not going backwards in life, so stop looking there. It will get you nowhere.

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