Sunday, 5 January 2014

How To: Raise Your Opinion Of Yourself

I leave little post-it notes for myself to find with positive life-affirming quotes on them. It doesn’t seem like much. But I knew I’d have days when I had to reassure myself that life is worthwhile, and because it’s in my handwriting, I must have believed it on the day I wrote it. So that helps me to believe it when I read it.

Next step is to look in the mirror. Accept your imperfections. Which sounds easy – but isn’t – while you can use concealer to hide rashes or redness during the day – at the end of the day when it comes off, you still hate those bits about yourself. They are pieces of you and you should never be ashamed of that. If you didn’t have those imperfections, you wouldn’t be you and you would be no good at being anyone else. You are the best at being you, because no one knows the little turmoil you go through every day. No one else would be able to handle that. So please take one moment to look at yourself and be proud. Every human has an imperfection that they don’t to advertise, and just because yours is visible if it is, it’s not an excuse to feel bad about yourself. I, for instance, have really blotchy skin around my mouth, so when I go to apply a lipstick I have to be really careful.

So although everybody else may look perfect, there’s no saying how long the preparation to get to this point took them. Everybody hides something physically. Be it tiredness, a spot, a red mark etc. we all get them. Everybody has something that they don’t like about their outward appearance. And celebrities don’t always look that amazing; they are airbrushed to within an inch of their lives in photo shoots. And they always have their make-up artists on hand to touch up their make-up.

Going back to my idea of life-affirming quotations on stuff I use every day. I have one on the mirror in my room, a few on the mirror in my bathroom and a few dotted around on posters in my room. So I am always reminded, even unconsciously, of how special I am. And I don’t notice them anymore, they’ve become parts of my poster’s or mirrors. Someone asked me why I had them up there, and I really had to think about what they were asking about, because it’s become natural for me to see them there. These are just a few things that help me. I hope you have been inspired by what I have said. 
I hope this helps.

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