Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dressing Up!

The Last Time I Met McFLY

I was so excited and had no idea it’d be the last time. I was going to get them to sign my 21 book and this was my last chance as I was 20. So I took that with me and I wore a dress. I thought I looked nice and why not dress up? It’s an excuse to! So anyway we got in there and I looked around. Everybody else was just in t-shirts, special t-shirts to them no doubt or McFLY tops. And they all looked lovely. I’m not saying in any way that they didn’t make an effort with the way they were dressed – I bet it had been hanging outside their wardrobe weeks in advance. I’d been at uni two years at the time and I knew about making yourself feel special from the clothes you wear for no reason. Just because you want to. And though you might stand out because of it, you’ve already accomplished an achievement just to get to that point in time. You are breathing! So I don’t expect to be remembered or anything for the initiative I had to dress up for McFLY. Of course I hope they do, but their music has inspired my life which I am so thankful for and I am just a fan at the end of the day. I gave Danny a CD telling him how he changed my life without actually knowing me physically. So I hope he heard that and understands how much I owe him. I also gave Tom a CD of the song I had written for them and I don’t know if they ever heard it but I hope it raised a smile to their beautiful faces. And as I said, I didn’t know that’d be the last time I’d meet them so I feel I left a strong impression. So don’t be afraid, if it’s special to you and you want to dress up, have the confidence to do it because other people might laugh, but inside they will be deeply impressed that you have had the guts and/or think it’s special enough to dress up for. And they all signed my 21 book as visible in this photo:

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