Wednesday, 27 November 2013

'You' Influenced by Danny Jones

This back-story is funny! It all started at school, I had a mega-crush on a guy called T (that is not even an initial of his name) it was so that we could talk about him even with him in the room and he would be none the wiser! He gets in contact with me from time to time, even at university, so I wrote this lyric on one of those occasions when coincidently a video from the McFLY boys came out and Danny sang a little ditty, and I incorporated that into the piece. I hope you enjoy! Tell me if you can spot the Danny-written part!


It’s called: YOU



I love you you you

Don’t want nobody else but you

I love you you you

Don’t need nobody else but you

And I know you’re with another lady

But she could never love you

As much as I do baby



I want you you you

Don’t care what I have to prove

Walk a thousand miles for you

Cross the river in a boat for you

Yeah I would

Yeah I would

Can’t you see that I

Don’t wanna be somebody who just passes you by

(Repeat Chorus)


I need you you you

Don’t care if I have to make the first move

Walk a million miles for you

Climb the stars to the moon for you

Yeah I would

Yeah I would

Don’t you know by now?

Don’t wanna be the lonely one sitting around

(Repeat Chorus)


You could be my leading man

I would be your biggest fan

And they’d be making shows about you

Cos I would do anything for you

Ask me to change the world I would

So it all revolves around you


(Repeat Chorus)


Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.


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