Sunday, 10 November 2013

Meeting Sharon Osbourne and Leona Lewis!

This happened when I was fourteen and recovering from my first operation in Evelina, a children’s hospital in South-West London. I just remember going to my private room on the ward with a headache and just as I shut my eyes there was a knock at the door. It was two men who came in and asked me if I watched X Factor. I did so I nodded. Then they announced that Sharon Osbourne would be coming to the hospital to interview some patients and would it be all right if she interviewed me? Of course it would! Somehow, my headache fizzled out! We were to keep it secret from the nurses. So after they’d left my room, I rang my mum. But my doctor had already contacted her, and she was on her way up to the hospital to stay with me. Then fast forward to the night I was actually leaving hospital – which was the night of Sharon’s visit – I can’t remember much of the interview but we had a picture together and then I went home. The party – which was actually televised on Noel’s Christmas Presents – two close ups of me (!) – was in December and the interview with Sharon had happened at the end of November. This was back in 2006.I took my brother to the party as I could have one guest with my parents. So when we got to the hospital we were all positioned on the third floor and everyone was debating who the special guest would be. Leona Lewis had won the X Factor the night before – and it was her! Really must have been a whirlwind few days for her. She was so beautiful – she looked too good to be real! She had her hair in the loose curls that I loved and was also wearing a dress that I had admired her wearing on X Factor. She was absolutely stunning. When the party was over – my mum got one of the nurses to ask if Sharon could sign the picture I’d taken with her 2 weeks earlier. He told her he’d try and told us to go down and wait by a particular set of lifts. The first person who came down that lift was Leona herself, and her PA asked if we’d like to meet her. Of course we would! So we had pictures taken together (she complimented my dress! My dress!) and then she breezed through the rest of the hospital, not stopping for anyone else. Then Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne came down next. Ozzy wished us a merry Christmas. After a while of waiting I ushered Kelly over to sign my autograph book (one from Disney I’d brought just in case; Leona had signed it too!) Kelly came over and signed it for me, then eventually Sharon came down the lift. She signed my autograph book too and then sat down to sign the photo. But as she was writing, Ozzy came along and sat down next to her, jogging her so I have that memory forever! It was such a great evening.

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