Wednesday, 30 October 2013

'All Right'


I’ve been listening to a lot of Kelly Clarkson – whose inspirational lyrics have inspired me to write this. I think it’s a relatable lyric but that is your call! I hope you like it!


It’s called: ‘All Right’



Do you ever feel like you lost a chance?

There’s no way to heal a romance

Once the opportunity’s gone hey

Do you ever wanna run away?

Just scream out to the words they say?

I’m on your side I’ve been there



I can’t say I know what goes on in your life

Or in your pretty little mind

But I know things will work out all right

If they don’t you can blame me

But for now let’s just wait and see

Cos you know when the world feels like your enemy

It’s simply taking it’s time

To make everything all right



Do you ever feel like you can’t go on?

Can’t get five miles in this storm

Let me shelter you from the rain hey

Do you ever wish for things to change?

Then things start to happen and it feels so strange

Just open your heart and I will be with you

(Repeat Chorus)


Doesn’t it sound funny?

But if there’s one thing honey

I would say you can’t be afraid

To make your move in this life

Cos soon it’ll be too late

And you’ll be reminiscing one night

Saying if only

I don’t want you to end up lonely

Take my advice

Just know it’ll be all right

(Repeat Chorus)


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