Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Just Thinking & 'Natural'


I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics about being yourself lately. That is a really important part of life. You’ve got to love yourself before you can let anyone else love you. It’s something I’ve been learning for most of my life and my lesson hasn’t finished yet.


One I wrote a few days ago: It’s called ‘Natural’ :



You’ve really been there

Been to hell and back on a rollercoaster

And you are so much stronger

Than I have ever seen you

So keep smiling and let others wonder why

You don’t even got to try

To be awe-inspiring

Cos you do that already



It just comes natural

Naturally beautiful

You are it’s so wonderful

To find a star

Here where the pickings are rare

My superstar shining way up there



You’ve really been through it

All and if you fell you just got right back up

And you are now blessed with love

So it all works out in the end

So be happy that’s all anyone can ask

Don’t look back to shadows of the past

Just be you

And nothing is impossible I trust you knew

(Repeat Chorus)


You are incredible

So beautiful

Don’t ever let someone tell ya you’re not

Cos you are

My one superstar

It all comes natural

And that is what’s wonderful

About you.


Copyright © 2013 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.


I hope you like it! Because everyone’s been through the worst, the worst that their life can get. And there are different levels of ‘worst’, what might be the ‘worst’ day for you may be a walk in the park for someone else. And no way am I trying to envelope pain into this, I know the ‘worst’ day can be intensified by pain for anyone, and pain can occur at any time and is not just heartache. But it is easier to write lyrics about heartache because everyone can relate to some form of it. That is just a byline for the future.
If you want to be the focus of a lyric - email me a paragraph about  yourself or loved one (, have a topic you'd like me to discuss? (@steph_carfrae)



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