Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Trial Period

Last night I found I have a pessimistic nature. Now I strive to stay away from it and I am optimistic on the front of most things. Or I pretend to be. I think it is working and I am slowly becoming more optimistic in myself. Sometimes though, when I’m really worn down I will feel myself slipping back into the pessimistic viewpoint.

I am feeling a bit under the weather this week but last night I realised how selfish I was being. And we’re all guilty of this at some point or another. For instance, if I have a bad day I’d just weigh other people down with my downheartedness and/or wouldn’t ask how their day had been. It becomes all about you from the moment that you walk through the door and rage at someone. Something that happened in someone else’s day may have been worse than yours but because you’re so wrapped up in your head, other people just have to take the wrap for your bad day. As a writer, I should be taking inspiration from other people’s experience, and I am appalled that I am not. Because this is real life and not a movie set, bad things do happen every day if not to you than someone else. So I am going to try my best to not let myself get into such a state that I’m not able to ask how another’s day has gone. It won’t be easy sometimes, and people might not tell you everything, because they don’t want to bring you down but I am going to try this and my trial will not be without its faults, I may forget, there may be too much going on that I can’t even comprehend but I’m going to give it a go. If you never give it a go, you’ll never know.


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