Thursday, 24 October 2013

I now have a video on youtube! & Carrie Hope Fletcher!!
The first is a demo I had done for Carrie Hope Fletcher!!! Tweet her the link (@CarrieHFletcher) and if she watches or comments 'll let you know here!! I really want her to see it, the time I did meet her I talked about the London Book Festival!!

I met her in the downstairs bar of the Reading Hexagon at one of McFLY's Keep Calm and Play Louder tour in 2012!! I was pretty lucky cos  I’d noticed her on my way back into the venue and convinced my friend to come out to the lobby with me again “because I’d seen Harry.” No, I actually said Carrie, but my friend heard it as Harry! While I was talking to Carrie, who unbelievably recognised me (!!!!????) I could hear my friend telling Tom’s dad (Carrie & Tom = brother and sister) that she wasn’t a McFLY fan and had only come since I dragged her along! Saying goodbye and dying of shame I told my friend who ‘that old man’ had been! Something I’ll never forget! I loved meeting Carrie, and thanking her for her well-wishes when I was in hospital when I was 14, but I didn’t get a photo with her, which is one of my only regrets now. Is a version of 'Because' that I put in a blog a long tme ago, finally recorded!!

Tweet me (@Steph_Carfrae) or email me ( withf  suggestions for next week or you want a 'Lyric Your Name' for yourself or anyone - you know what to do! (Send me a paragraph about your/their life struggles/how strong they are/how they mean so much to you etc. and I will write a lyric for this particular someone =D)

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