Sunday, 3 May 2015

How To: Know It's Not Just You

It's not easy, life. You can get so caught up in a moment, in your head. And it is a great place to be; in your imagination before it becomes dark and demoralises you. The why's end to get messed up in our heads.

These thoughts are self-destructive and not easy to get rid of. You need to convince your mind to stay on the positive side.

See things for what they are but don't look down on them.

Just accept them.

You can't always be thinking how could I make this situation better/easier?

But it is good to have your mind jump to that particular question rather than so many others.

I spent years believing something wasn't happening for me because I didn't deserve it.

But I have learnt that I am worthy of feeling good and it isn't a crime that I should.

A lot of people still have issue with this. They think they're on a pedestal and try to avoid making mistakes but trying not to make mistakes is like trying not to close your eyes when you sneeze.

Mistakes are an occurance to all of us and it is the attention that you give them that make it a big deal or not.

Everybody goes through life, and everybody finds it hard.

At different times and for different reasons, granted but we are all only human and we need to realise that.

Society is not helpful in this way.

We all have flaws and we al make mistakes. Simple as.

Some are bigger than others,

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