Sunday, 26 April 2015

Freedom From A Zip-Wire!!

I went on a zip-wire on Friday. It was just in a local park. But it's amazing the sense of freedom I got from it being out of the confines of my wheelchair. It wasn't a planned expedition and was rather a spontaneous moment. My friend thought he'd have a go and I'm not one to pass up on an adventure so I got up there and did it. It was a life-changing moment for me. It might not seem very big or anything but it was just what I needed. It really has made me feel like anything's possible.
It was incredible how wrapping my legs around the seat and feeling the wind on my hips felt. It really was a phenomenal feeling for me! I realise now how comfortable I  am in my wheelchair and I want to change that.

One of my life goals is to do a skydive. I think it would be awesome fun as well as entirely wheelchair-less!

I know there's a big difference between doing a zip-wire from not very high off the ground but it was still a very trusting exercise for me and I loved it! I just think skydiving would be a spectacular experience for me.

I had to really put trust in myself for what felt like the first time in a long time and that felt fantastic. I had to hold myself up and the fact that I felt confident to let go - or let my friend let go of the wire after a 5 minute deliberation making sure I was Ok - felt so freeing.

I'm hoping that when I get further into the world I can have more life-changing experiences.



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