Sunday, 12 April 2015

How To: Stop Blaming Yourself

We're all human. Only human. Sometimes things go wrong or don't turn out how we expected them to. That is life. You may have made a mistake but any mistake you have made is minor in the scheme of things. You learn life on the job. When something major occurs, it is totally out of our control, it is in the universe's hands and so we shouldn't blame ourselves that is just nonsensical.

When I was younger I thought I could've prevented the death of someone close to me. It's only now I realise I could not have even if I'd been on my best behaviour or anything. Things that happen in our lives have agendas and sometimes the best way to learn a lesson is to go through a situation and reep the consequences.

Sometimes life can be thorny and there's no easy way around it, you've just got to get through, sometimes stumbling and being pricked. (Mental image - the garden of thorns Maleficent introduces for the Prince to break through in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

It's always better to have positive expections than negative ones because negativity steals possibility from the moment.

Hope this helps!



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