Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 41

Told from Jamie's p.o.v

'She's gone into a coma...' those words just scared me more than anything. Her mother was whispering down the phone to me, hardly believing it herself. You know that moment when the whole world stops? Well, it did for me just then with her mum uttering the words of fear.
This was like a nightmare I'd had come to life. I was in Max's office when I took the call. I'd taken it expecting it to be a sale call; I didn't even look at the name. The 'Oh God, I'm so glad I've gotten hold of you,' came as a surprise and I dechifered that it was Linda. I don't know what I did to get out of the office but suddenly I was slapped sharp in the face as the wind drove gustily Northwards. She was at St George's.

I got on a bus headed for nearby and sat down to collect my thoughts. How could this happen? Ellie was so careful. She knew her limitations, and her strengths which she put all her strength behind. My mind drifted as I realised, I'd never get the chance to tell her how I feel now, it was too late. If you want to tell someone something, don't wait. You don't know what could be happening in their lives and tomorrow is a concept that is never promised. Don't put off something that you could do right now for fear of being wrong. It's really not worth the risk.

The bus moved swiftly, was crammed and I had to share my seat with a young girl of about 17 who had dyed her hair red and was devoted to her phone but looked up every few minutes to give me a little nervous smile. Within half an hour I was outside the hospital. Wow, he hadn't been to a hospital since his Aunt Louise passed away last Summer. I took a deep breath. I pushed the doors open and having previously asked Linda where she was I pressed number 6 in the lift when it came. I got out of it when it stopped and walked along the corridor until I came to her room. 658. I looked through the perspex just to make sure it was the right room. I saw a flash of red hair and imagined it sprawled out on the tarmac, as it must have been. It was too ghastly to imagin e that for longer than three seconds so I switched my thoughts to the last outing I had had with her. I wish I'd just said it. It's too easy to make all my memories of the time we spent together regretful. All of these thoughts raced through my mind as I pushed the door open. 'Oh, thank God,' Linda murmered rushing over and encapsulating me in a hug.

*Obviously, as Ellie is in a Coma, the next part cannot be told from her p.o.v so it will still be Jamie's p.o.v the week after next! I hope you are enjoying reading it. Be sure to leave me a comment and/or share it on if you are! I have decided to post parts of this story every other week rather than weekly to build up anticipation. I hope I have not let anyone down on that front!  Thank you for reading!*



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