Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 40

'I'll be there,' Ellie said down the phone. She put down the phone and looked at her watch. Two minutes before lunchtime. She was meeting Chrissie at somde posh London hotel. Plush is the name of the hotel. It was where Tall liked to go with her clients sometimes, not today thankfully. How embarassing would that be? Ellie was looking forward to it, it hadn't been since Christmas they'd sat down and talked. They usually catch up every three - four months and thanks to Chrissie's well-paid job they try out swanky new resturants almost every time. Ellie had never been to the hotel - on Hexagon road - before. She pressed the button for the lift and it opened instantly. A little shocked but pleased to find it empty Ellie hit the ground button which she arrived at moments later. It must be her lucky day!

She got a black cab to Hexagon road which wasn't too far from her work - she just didn't  want to be breathless when she got there. But she'd wheel back. It wasn't far. Her hour for lunch would be more than enough time to eat, have a chat with her sister, and get back in time.
She got out of the taxi and paid the fare. She went into the lobby of the hotel. She could see Chrissie hanging around outside the glass entrance of the resturant. The girls shrieked a little on meeting a few moments later. They were greeted by a handsome male waiter who could have been a double of Brad Pitt, who dazzled them with his smile and had an American accent. 'Hi, welcome to Plush today, table for two?' He looked at Chrissie.

'Uh-huh' she mumbled turning a good shade of strawberry.

'Follow me,' he replied, turning and walking through the fairly busy resturant. He turned at a table and said, 'I wonder if this would be to your liking?' he asked. Chrissie merely nodded in response and sat down.

'Brad Pitt lookalike hey!?' Ellie said quietly.
'I know right! Must be working here while hunting jobs.' Chrissie detected. Chrissie enjoyed making up stories of strangers. Well, the ones she interacted with anyway. How they got to that point in their lives and where they were headed.
'Mustn't be hard to find work for him!' Ellie mentioned. The waiter who looked like Brad Pitt came to take their drink orders. Ellie just had a coca cola as it was lunch time and she didn't want to be even a little tipsy on her afternoon shift. It was an important time for Tall who had meetings with clients coming out of her ears. Work was pretty busy at the moment, so a sisters' meet up was just what was called for!

After the scrumptious meal, Chrissie left a rather generous tip for Brad-Pitt-lookalike. 'He deserves it,' she told Ellie when she gave her the eye.
'It's your money,' Ellie laughed. 'Thanks for paying C,' she said reaching out to give her sister a hug. Chrissie returned her sister's affectionate manners. Chrissie got up and walked to the door. Ellie followed swiftly and they hugged again outside the resturant as a goodbye gesture. Ellie then watched as her sister walked down the street and rounded a corner. It had been a very good lunch. And they would more than likely be coming here again, not because of the waiter but bec ause the food was delicious. Ok, well maybe partly because of the Brad-Pitt-lookalike waiter!

Ellie switched her attention to the traffic lights. She still had fifteen minutes before she was needed back at work so there was no need to panic. The traffic light turned red. This was her cue.

She wheeled into the road mindlessly - thinking of what Tall might get her to do this afternoon when a car came speeding through the traffic lights and hit her.

She was knocked from her wheelchair into the air and landed about five metres away.



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